Founded in 1992, City Maids LLC is a family owned and operated cleaning service. We are committed to providing top quality work with competitive pricing and emphasizing customer satisfaction. We work with you to create a cleaning plan that fits your needs. No matter how big or small the job, we can create the perfect housekeeping plan for your home or office.

It is our goal to provide excellent residential and commercial cleaning service to our clients. We will treat our clients’ homes with respect and honor and provide a quality-cleaning job on every visit.

It is our vision to become the premier provider of residential and commercial services throughout Northern Virginia; to retain our valued, respected employees and strive for their success and happiness; to retain our clients so they ay be relaxed and enjoy peaceful free time; to keep our office services evolving through the technological changes the benefit our employees and clients and to work towards stability and prosperity in the company.

For more information about our cleaning services or to schedule a consultation, call City Maids LLC today.

Our customers love us

The owner of City Maids has worked with me since 1993. She has kept my old home in Arlington clean from floors to fans since then. She is dedicated to happy clients, willing to do what you need, and always delightful to be around. My home is two stories and built in 1925. It always looks wonderful.

I recommend City Maids without reservation. You can count of trustworthy, excellent, and courteous service. She is the best!

Linda H.